Bring Your Own Software

We specialise in integrating automated content with your existing business systems and web sites, offering you the opportunity to increase ROI on your existing software.

Agile software development techniques

Always Improving

We use Agile software development techniques and our processes are geared for continuous improvement. This means the automation of your content is always of the highest quality.

Specialist automation and integration skills on demand

Specialist Skills On Demand

We give you access to our unique, specialist content automation and integration skills allowing you to entrust your entire content automation process to us.

Unique Mix Of Skills

Doccly offers customers a unique mix of content automation experience, skills and tools rarely found among the resources a corporation has at its disposal.

Unlock Hidden Value

We enable customers to unlock the hidden value they have in high quality expert content by automating, integrating and monetising it.

Nearshore Services

Doccly allows executives the choice of a range of expert content automation services from the same or similar cultural background as their own companies.

Focus On Strategy

Doccly manages expert content automation as a discrete business discipline allowing customers to focus on the strategic issues of optimising their businesses.

Scale Skills On Demand

Doccly offers end–to– process execution for specialised, expert content by supplying experienced, cross functional capacity based on customers' demand.

High Quality Advantage

Doccly delivers high quality content automation projects with a focus on accuracy of scoping and service level attainment giving customers a potent competitive advantage.

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  • Bournemouth, UK

True Cost Of An Employee

How much does it really cost to employ someone? Would you believe nearly double their salary! This calculator from Accounting Services For Business in the UK accounts for all the hidden costs that can easily be overlooked and reveals the true cost of an employee. It identifies whether it could be more cost effective to nearsource expert content automation and reduce business costs.

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