Keep productive. Accelerate drafting. Write more fees.

XpressDox integrates Elite practice management data with Word so that this data plus the powerful document automation functionality of XpressDox can help users produce 100%-compliant, professional documents quickly and easily.

Keep productive. Accelerate drafting. Write more fees.

Los Angeles, California, US—Law firms who use Elite® can now make their practice management data available to users in Microsoft® Word for correspondence and drafting. XpressDox, a global leader in document automation technology enables this through its new and innovative data access technology.

Press Release: Using Your Elite Data in Microsoft Word

“Every year law firms require their professionals to write more and more fees,” states Chris Pearson, CEO of XpressDox. “To do this, fee earners must become increasingly more productive.”

Professionals are required to produce anything from simple correspondence to complex documents quicker than ever before.

“Not only do their documents need to be professional–looking, complying with the firm's corporate branding and style, users must also make sure they use the correct letterhead personalized with their contact details. Most importantly, professionals must reflect clients' details accurately.

“It's a tall order. And usually all this needs to be done under extreme time pressure,” says Pearson sympathetically.

Pearson explains, “In order for fee earners to write more fees they must become more productive. And assuming they already work long, hard hours during the week—and probably the weekends too—they need technology to help them work smarter and more productively.

“This is where the new, innovative data access technology from XpressDox comes in,” says Pearson. “XpressDox enables fee earners to meet the demands on them without even realizing it's there.”

It is not necessary for fee earners to know how it works for XpressDox to be a tremendous help to them. XpressDox works entirely in the background meaning that professionals will not need to learn anything new.

“If they can already use Word they can immediately benefit from this new technology. XpressDox works tirelessly in the background. Think of it as the glue between your Elite data and Microsoft Word,” says Pearson.

“Users love it when they simply select an Elite client number and their document is immediately populated with all the client's most recent details. No retyping!

“And at the same time XpressDox effortlessly meets a firm's corporate image requirements by automatically incorporating important aspects of a firm's brand like logo, styles, letterhead, and fee earner contact details for example.

“It's amazing that some prestigious firms still struggle with something as simple as letterhead standardisation. Across a big firm there may be literally hundreds of letterheads in operation. Imagine how many of these are out of date.”

Chris Pearson, CEO XpressDox

With XpressDox there need be only one letterhead that caters for all users. In this way a change in a firm's brand or to its directorship for example is made once and is then immediately available across all departments, offices, and countries.

Multi–office and international practices find this feature of XpressDox indispensable.

Pearson adds, “Other users find the Elite with Word integration very useful for billing and other repetitive administration tasks. For instance, some use XpressDox to generate a list of work–in–progress for a specific matter, and from that decide on appropriate narrations for invoices.

“Of course, this data access technology is not only perfectly suited to the law firm,” says Pearson, “but also to accounting firms, consulting firms, marketing services, corporate legal departments, and Government agencies.”

XpressDox integrates Elite practice management data with Word so that this data plus the powerful document automation functionality of XpressDox can help users produce 100%–compliant, professional documents quickly and easily.

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