Expert Content Automation

Expert content automation, integration and monetisation services are the mainstay of Doccly's value proposition. These services may take many forms and each solution is driven by customer requirements.

Doccly offers SCORM compliant elearning platform

eLearning Publishing

Doccly offers a hosted, SCORM compliant learning management platform on which customer e-learning courses can be developed and delivered to learners on a variety of desktop and mobile devices.

Doccly offers app development

App Development

Doccly also enables automation, integration and monetisation of expert content through app development, which includes repackaging of existing third party tools as apps.

Nearshore Service Offerings

We offer customers the experience, skills and tools with which to successfully automate, integrate and monetise their expert content.

Existing Business Systems

Service deployment is driven by customer requirements and works alongside existing business systems and processes.

Cloud and On Premise Options

Doccly offers both cloud and on premise hosting options, and custom service levels to meet your integration and monetisation requirements.

E-commerce Integration

Automated expert content can be wrapped in an e-commerce layer that provides customers with unprecedented opportunities to monetise their content assets.

Promotion of Content Apps

Discrete expert content sets are developed in such a way as to promote their sale and implementation in existing portals and web sites.

Reseller of Automation Tools

Doccly is a reseller of automation tools and offers them for outright purchase in their original form or repackaged for a particular purpose.

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  • New York, USA

XpressDox Awarded A Perfect Score

Leading enterprise document automation system, XpressDox, was recently awarded an A+ Technolawyer review rating. The independent review was conducted by Matthew Berg, who is the Director of Information Technology at Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, an intellectual property firm in downtown Boston in the United States.

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