Case Study 178 Countries On The Weather Channel PWA

Charl Dreyer

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Push notification opt-ins to The Weather Channel PWA increase by 1-million in 3 months

Oct 10, 2021 (DOUGLAS, Isle of Man) — Weather is volatile. The Weather Channel PWA provides a way to reliably supply real-time information to a global audience.

The Weather Channel has been reporting weather information since the 1980s. Technology is changing, and their methods must too. The Weather Channel has opted for a Progressive Web App (PWA) to get information to their users quickly.

Push notifications for information

Weather changes rapidly, and users need accurate and timely information. Switching to a PWA meant that The Weather Channel could use push notifications to quickly notify their users of important weather events.

The PWA looks and feels like a native app, but it requires less resources than a typical app. It works even when the browser isn't running. People can use the app in areas where connection is low or expensive. And people want to use it.

Within three months of developing the PWA, The Weather Channel had almost 1 million users opt in to receive push notifications. 52% of those users came from mobile.

Push notifications mean that The Weather Channel can notify users immediately. And get users back onto their platform and interacting with the content. Users are reminded of the app, and likely to use it more often.

Global reach

The Weather Channel can now present information to more consumers than before. Their new Progressive Web App (PWA) is available in 62 languages and 178 countries.

Particular advantages of the PWA are that it allows users to access the site even when they don't have the latest devices, reliable connectivity, or the means to download costly apps.

A PWA gives users a unique opportunity to self-select content that is relevant to them. They can specify language and location, without unnecessary extras.

This means that downloading the app doesn't require that users store information that they don't need on their device. They only need to store what they will use.

The Weather Channel has seen an 80% improvement in load time. That's less waiting, less frustration. And more interaction.

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