Case Study 95% More Conversions With New Wego PWA

Joanne Edwards

2 minutes
It is easier and quicker for Wego customers to use the PWA

Jun 12, 2021 (BRISTOL, England) — The Wego PWA is easy to use. The icon is on the homescreen, and obstacles are gone. Conversions are up, and more people are choosing Wego.

Customers are choosing Wego. The Progressive Web App (PWA) is easy to use, doesn't need to be installed, and doesn't require commitment. It's simple to book travel through the Wego PWA.

Customers choose the brand they know

With the Wego icon on their homescreen, a potential customer need not look any further when they need to book travel. Not only is the icon always right there, but the customer has seen it everyday. PWAs build brand awareness.

Homescreen icons are easy to come back to. They are a constant reminder of the brand. Which makes Wego the obvious choice when customers want a holiday. The simplicity and accessiblity of the platform will mean increased business for Wego.

The PWA has increased Wego's visitors by 26%. And they can add the icon to their homescreen so that they keep coming back. 

Customers convert quickly

The PWA is also a faster experience. Bounce rates are down 20%. Load time for new users is just 1.6s and for returning users that's under 1s. That's quick.

The customer can complete transactions quicker too. Through Credential Management API, the PWA can access credentials saved in the browser. And logged in users save time on auto-filled forms.

Customers spend money easily

To the customer, the PWA looks and feels like a native app. They are happy to spend money there. And through Payment Request API, Wego is able to offer single-tap pay to their customers.

Ad clickthrough rates have increased 3x. That's way more business for Wego.

Among iOS users, Wego is experiencing a 50% increase in conversions. And they're spending more time on the app, 35% more on average. Wego reports 95% more conversions overall with their PWA, that's nearly double!

The PWA has been a clear win for Wego, and it has been a win for Twitter too.