Case Study AliExpress Invests In PWA And Doubles Conversions

Donna Dreyer

2 minutes
AliExpress increases conversions by 104% with PWA

Jun 20, 2021 (PHOENIX, Ariz.) — The AliExpress PWA prioritizes mobile experience. The Progressive Web App has doubled conversion rate and revolutionized business.

AliExpress is a popular e-commerce site, and has reaped the benefits from their recent investment in their mobile experience in PWA form. Customers are loving the new shift to prioritizing the mobile web, and it shows.

More time, more conversions

AliExpress has developed a new Progressive Web App (PWA) that has proven well worth the investment so far, and the improvements haven't stopped.

The app has increased conversion rate for new users by 104%. That’s over double the amount of conversions that AliExpress had before. This is a great measure of the PWA's success, more conversions is a common goal for companies who choose the PWA path.

Users on the PWA visit 2x more pages across all browsers than before. The users are seeing more content and spending more time on the platform too.

Overall, the PWA has resulted in a 74% increase in time spent on the platform. More time means more eyeballs, and more conversions.

The PWA experience

Getting customers to commit to downloading an app is not an easy task. Data can be expensive and storage space is not always in high supply.

It is also not always possible for users to download apps, devices could be out-of-date, and internet connection could be in short supply. A PWA removes some of the obstacles that users experience, to make the app experience a possibility for more people.

A PWA combines the reach of the web with the functionality of a native app. It’s easy to find and easy to use, without the usual cost associated with an app.

The PWA has made it possible to deliver a quality experience to the customer, it's fast and looks like an app. This has resulted in a significant increase in conversions, and has been a good move overall for AliExpress.

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