Case Study Artificial Intelligence Is Making Waves In Law

Donna Dreyer

6 minutes
AI streamlines law

Aug 18, 2022 (PHOENIX, Ariz.) โ€” Artificial intelligence can be used in law to streamline workflow. This case study shows that AI is a revolutionary tool.

The AI revolution is taking the world by storm. It is not leaving any industry untouched. The legal industry is clearly benefitting from the use of artificial intelligence. Lawyers who use AI to their advantage will easily outperform their competitors and impress their clients.

Artificial intelligence can do repetitive work. When jobs get tedious, AI could even be more accurate than human eyes. But this is only the beginning of AI's capabilities.

Westlaw Edge case study

One interesting application of AI in law is Quick Check on Westlaw Edge. This tool uses AI to analyze a brief and identify both relevant cases that are not used and cases that are used but have been implicitly overruled. It can also analyze an opposing counsel's brief to give one more of an advantage.

A new case study explores how Dallas business trial lawyer, Joseph Sean Lemoine, used AI to catch opponents out and ultimately win the argument. While running their argument through Westlaw Edge, Lemoine and a colleague found that the Court of Appeals had just three days earlier issued a brand-new opinion which was incredibly helpful to them. The writer of that opinion astonishingly also happened to be the judge presiding in their own case.

An edge with Westlaw Edge

With this new information in their back pocket, identified by the AI tool, they could reference the opinion to the presiding judge and explain how it matched up with their argument. Their opponents did not have an opinion because they could not have known about the recent case.

Lemoine owes this success to AI, the only way that he would have ever found the revolutionary opinion. It was a complete tangent. Completely hidden from mere human researchers.

AI is becoming the industry standard, as is the virtual law firm model. Read about a virtual law firm โ€” Fisherbroyles โ€” here.

Artificial intelligence can present users with a comprehensive collection of legal content and search through it with speed and accuracy. AI can provide peace of mind. It can prevent blindsides, providing one with all relevant information for a case. Read more about Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Workflow.

AI puts you ahead of the curve. It helps you to see and consider criticisms and other cases before they even become an issue. It helps you to bolster your arguments and ensure that you are up to date on the latest rulings and authorities. Read more on the Westlaw Edge case here.

The Doccly Lender approach

To be competitive in today's environment, legal professionals must consider the technology at their disposal. The tried and tested idea stands; work smarter, not harder. At Doccly, we help you move towards a smarter workflow.

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