Best Practice Boost Your Brand with Social Media SEO

Donna Dreyer

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Boost your brand on social media

Jun 11, 2022 (PHOENIX, Ariz.) — Use social media to boost your brand. The secret sauce is SEO.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, and the key to it's power is SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is necessary to ensure that you are giving your page the best chance to be found. Good SEO will help people to find your content naturally.

When potential followers or customers type your keywords into the search bar, you want them to find you! This is why considering the SEO on your page is so critical.

SEO advantages

Many companies concentrate on the SEO on their website. As they should! But the first port of call for many customers today is actually social media. A company who is active on social media, and it easy to find, will reap the benefits of this modern powerhouse.

Social Media SEO will increase your chances of reaching a younger audience. But that's not all. Many target audiences are already on social media. And they've often already organised themselves into groups!

Social media is also a chance for you and your brand to get personal with your customers. Its a chance to invite them behind-the-scenes, to take a peek behind the curtain. And they'll walk away feeling part of the team, like they've got some insider information. That's great for your brand!

SEO and social media quick tips

Not every platform is created equal. Each has it's quirks, it's strengths, and it's weaknesses. But they have many similarities too. And there are rules. Rules we can apply to every platform.

Here are two quick tips to get you started:

1. Character limits

Big or small, there are always limits to posts. Twitter puts it's foot down at 280 characters, so only the most important characters make it in. Facebook extends your allowance to 63,206. That gives you more room to work with, but its always best to be concise.

2. Hashtags

Most platforms have a hashtag system. And this can be an incredibly valuable tool. It's often frowned upon to use too many hashtags, but a few could really boost your post. Try to use hashtags that others are using, that way you may get more eyes on your post. Hashtags work differently on each platform, so its best to conduct a bit of research about hashtags on the platforms you're using.

What next?

So now that you know you need to implement SEO on social media, what is next? Read about the 10 Pillars of Social Media SEO

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