Technology Client Portals Are The New Frontier For Law Firms

Law firms will be using client portals for future business

Aug 18, 2022 (DOUGLAS, Isle of Man) — Client portals are an essential service for law firms. These allow firms to communicate with their clients and securely exchange information.

The ability of law firms to share information securely and electronically with clients is essential. Clients are increasingly open to managing their legal services online. In the recent Legal Trends survey, nearly 80% of clients indicated that they look for remote options when hiring a lawyer.

The problem

Historically, information was exchanged on paper, but the pitfalls of that approach are clear. Paper-based documents create opportunities for sensitive information to be lost or stolen. Giant safes provided a temporary solution for storage. But as technology has progressed, these systems have too. Firms eventually moved to computer-based systems, which had their own challenges. How should a firm safely store documents in the digital age?

File transfer

Transferring files presents even more of a headache. Email is the go-to for some law firms. However, email has its drawbacks. It is incredibly insecure. Emails can be easily intercepted, or sent in error to the wrong person. Secure email provides a solution on one hand, but this lacks the usability that a successful firm needs. There needs to be a better and easier way to exchange information. So how are modern law firms operating?

Client portals make it possible for law firms to exchange important information. We need to move online. Talking about new frontiers, click here to read about the Internet of Things.

The solution

Firms have realized that they need to provide their clients with a secure location to log-in, review and upload documents, and securely communicate with the firm. 66% of clients responding to the survey indicated that they preferred to pay for services online. Clients will soon start demanding that they have the option of dealing with their firm online.

Client expectations

Even if your clients are not requesting online services yet, this functionality is necessary for superior client service. Be ahead of the curve and beat your competitors to offering clients what they want. The provision of an online client portal demonstrates knowledge and care for client needs, commitment to client service, and attention to keeping confidential client information secure.

So, law firms need client portals.

How are client portals possible

Larger firms can invest a significant amount of capital and manpower to create their portals in-house. Smaller firms need to compete with this level of customer service. Firms who allocate resources well might consider a legal tech provider to create client portals.

There are several major considerations to be made when setting up an online portal service for clients. Firms need to decide what their clients will need and want out of this service. Think about your specific clients and their needs for document management, notifications, communication, and security. Decide how your clients will access the service, and how you will limit access to those who have permission. Consider which of your team will need to work on a case, and how they will access the platform.

Client portals on demand

Large firms could set up their own portals. But even when the resources are available, there is a better and easier way. All firms can provide client portals by subscribing to a cloud-based law practice management system. These often include client portals for all clients in their basic subscription fees.

The Doccly Lender solution

Doccly Lender offers a client portal system - and so much more. We provide lawyers with all the functionality they need to get work and do work. Our automated Deal Rooms are pre-configured to include case-specific document management, task management, push notifications, messaging, and bank-grade security.

Clients can monitor progress, upload and review important documents, download the files they need, be notified of pertinent information, and communicate with their firm on the platform. Doccly Lender helps all firms to provide clients with the service that they expect and deserve.

To learn more about this solution, visit the Doccly Lender page or get in touch!