Case Study Debenhams New Digital Make-Over With PWA

Brenda Scott

2 minutes
Debenhams experiences overall above-market growth with PWA

Jul 14, 2021 (BOSTON) — Debenhams was feeling the crunch. It was time to prioritize their online mobile approach. The Debenhams PWA resulted in +40% mobile revenue.

Debenhams was experiencing a common modern problem. Mobile traffic was increasing, but this wasn’t reflected in conversions. There were obviously barriers that mobile users faced which prevented them from converting.

The need for a PWA

Not wanting to miss out on business, especially during peak trading season, Debenhams needed to undergo a major digital make-over. And they opted for a Progressive Web App (PWA).

Debenhams is a huge brand which trades in 27 countries. There are 240 stores. And they need to be active online. A PWA is accessible to many different types of users in many different locations.

Their online approach used to impede online conversion. They decided that a poor online approach was not sustainable and set the goal of accelerating mobile growth instead.

The results

Debenhams’ PWA resulted in a 40% increase in mobile revenue, a 20% increase in conversions, and overall above-market online growth.

Debenhams increased their user journey from browsing to purchase from 2x to 4x thanks to their new PWA.

The PWA has been a worthwhile investment for Debenhams, who have revolutionized their mobile web experience both in existing areas and into new areas.

Customer expectations

Customers are beginning to have new expectations of their online experiences. They need to be able to access information from a variety of different locations and devices. They are not going to wait around for pages to load, and they need to able to lose connection without losing ability to interact.

Additionally, customers do not always feel comfortable using expensive data and making a large commitment, downloading a native app they don’t have storage space for.

For websites such as Debenhams, it is worthwhile to invest in PWA, which customers will be comfortable using and purchasing from on their mobile devices. Another of the sites that has made this investment is Flipkart.