Case Study Flipkart Customers Flock Back Onto PWA

Joanne Edwards

2 minutes
Flipkart welcomes old customers back with their new PWA

Feb 20, 2021 (BRISTOL, England) — Flipkart was losing customers. The Flipkart PWA has brought many customers back, and has attracted new customers to the platform too.

Online shopping is popular, but offline shopping is the new frontier. Customers should be able to shop online even when they can’t rely on a stable connection, don’t have the latest devices, or are running out of storage space.

Flipkart has a native app to enable their customers to shop on mobile devices. But the app is bulky. When polled recently, Flipkart customers who had uninstalled the app reported lack of storage space.

Reduced size

The new PWA is much smaller than the native app. The PWA is 100x smaller than the Android app and 300x smaller than the iOS app. Imagine what you could do with all that space.

The obstacle of storage space in decision-making has been removed. Due to the reduced need for storage space, customers are now able to choose Flipkart without the disadvantages of the native app.

PWAs have changed the way customers are required to commit to services. Before, buy-in was much higher. But now, adding the app to homescreen is much cheaper, it's not a big ask. 

Customers flock back

When Flipkart decided to develop a PWA, their customers came flocking back. Almost 60% of the visitors to the PWA had used the native app before, but had uninstalled it.

Customers were using the PWA even when they had decided that they didn’t want the app anymore. The PWA requires less commitment, and offers the same functionality as the native app.

PWA is attractive to new customers

Not only are old customers coming back, but new customers are finding Flipkart too. Flipkart’s PWA is driving 50% of its new customer acquisition. It’s easy to find and easy to use.

Flipkart has definitely benefitted from the decision to invest in a PWA, and this success story can be used as an example for many different companies. Another prominent brand using a PWA is Forbes.