Case Study Infobae PWA Grips Readers 230% Longer

Donna Dreyer

2 minutes
Infobae readers are reading more and staying longer with PWA

Apr 9, 2021 (PHOENIX, Ariz.) — The new Infobae PWA is well worth the investment. Readers now stay on the platform for much longer and read 3x times more content than before.

The Infobae Progressive Web App (PWA) is an incredible example of a worthwhile PWA. Infobae is one of the most popular Spanish language news outlets worldwide, with 38 million monthly active users. 71% of those users are on mobile devices. This makes the mobile experience an important consideration. 

There was an issue before the PWA. Readers weren't receiving the mobile experience that they expected. Infobae prioritized mobile readers, and their business has reaped the benefits.

Readers stay longer

Infobae has opted for a PWA and is enjoying the benefits of that decision. Bumping up the speed, Infobae found that their faster PWA kept readers online for longer.

The new PWA has resulted in 230% longer sessions than the previous mobile site. Readers are spending a much longer time on the PWA now. This suggests that they are enjoying the new platform more than before.

Although many users seem to be on mobile devices, it seemed that people preferred reading their news on desktop. Readers spent an average of 27 minutes on the website, but only 3 minutes on mobile per session. The new PWA keeps mobile readers online for an average of 7 minutes, a vast improvement.

Readers read more

Users of the PWA view 3x more pages per session than on the previous site. PWA users are visiting an average of 6 pages per session, which is a large increase from the 2 pages on the previous mobile site, and matches the 6 pages on desktop.

They're also having a better experience while they're there. Before changing over, Infobae had a 51% bounce rate on their mobile site, with the PWA that’s dropped to 5%.

Both Infobae and it's readers are enjoying the move to PWA. They are experiencing the benefits of Progressive Web Apps first-hand. Another company using a PWA is Lancome