Case Study New Forbes PWA Doubles Engagement

Sara Lee

2 minutes
Forbes readers are spending more productive time on the PWA

May 27, 2021 (FORT WORTH, Texas) — The Forbes site was clunky. They decided to develop the Forbes PWA, and they doubled their reader engagement in the process.

The Forbes site was clunky. Load times were long. Readers lost interest while they waited. Forbes was losing money. They had to make a change, and so they decided to reinvent their digital approach to include a Progressive Web App (PWA). And the Forbes PWA was born.

At first, Forbes intended the new app to be their secondary mobile experience. But they were overwhelmed by positive experiences. Now they've dived headfirst into the PWA approach, and you should too.

Staggering improvements

The Forbes PWA saw a 2x increase in average user session length, a 6x completion rate, and 20% more impressions as compared to the native app. This means that more people saw the content. Forbes could ultimately reach more readers.

When readers are happy to spend time on the platform, they see more content and advertising. They are also more likely to convert.

Load times dropped to 0.8s, when they used to be up to 12s. Read more here about the advantages Forbes found with their new PWA.

The PWA revolutionized the experience for Forbes users. This resulted in a 43% increase in sessions per user, and an increase in ad viewability up to 20%.

The Forbes PWA is now their primary mobile site. With 100% more engagement than before. Google I/O has also experienced an increase in engagement, with 900% more homescreen saves with their new PWA.

Personalized experience

Not only is it a better digital experience, it is also more personal. Readers can self-select what content they want to be shown. Forbes can now send push notifications to their users, and let them know the minute there is new information to share.

It is easy for readers to add the app to their homescreen. They don't have to make any large commitments in terms of data usage or storage space. 

The PWA has overall been an astonishing success for Forbes and its readers.