Case Study New Google PWA Increases Visitor Saves By 900%

Shelley Mitchell

2 minutes
900% more Google user homescreens now sport the PWA

May 11, 2021 (CAPE TOWN, South Africa) — The Google I/O PWA has been revolutionary. 900% more people are saving the app to their homescreen, and many enable notifications.

Google I/O has invested into building a single page Progressive Web App (PWA) with significant notable results. The Google PWA is a great investment, and a good example of the PWA success waiting for many companies.

More time spent on the app

The PWA has brought in more engagement than the Android app. Users spent an average of 2:40 minutes on Android, and that's jumped to 4:06 minutes on the PWA.

With users investing more time on the app, it is easier for Google I/O to benefit from the development of their PWA.

Service worker caching allows for a 450ms faster first paint. And users can start using the app in a reduced amount of time. When users don't have to wait around, they tend to be more active and happy on the platform. 

Increased homescreen saves

Add to homescreen saves increased by a whopping 900% compared to 2015. With more users adding the app to their homescreen, return visits are up and the PWA is helping with retention. 

An icon on the homescreen provides a constant reminder to people of the brand. And when they need to use the services, they're just one tap away.

It's easy to add the app, and users are more likely to make the decision to do so. Also, there isn't a big cost to download or store the PWA. And many different users prefer it.

Offline use and notification opt-in

Offline users generated 11k page views. 3.8% of users opted to go offline, but amazingly were still able to view pages. This also means that people can carry on browsing even when connection is unreliable.

Notably, developers of PWAs have found that users can browse while they are travelling through tunnels or experiencing other disruptions to their connections. 

50% of signed in users opted for notifications. This allowed Google I/O to re-engage users and remind them to return to the app.

536k notifications were sent to users, and 12% of those were successful in bringing users back to the app.

99% of user's browsers supported the web components polyfills. That means that this technology hardly alienated anyone. 

Many people use the PWA and love it. PWAs are a good option for companies who want to prioritize a mobile experience. Another company reaping the benefits of their new PWA is OLX, read more here.