Push Notifications


Push notifications are a fast and efficient way to communicate with your audience.

A push notification is a message that pops up on your user’s device, encouraging users to opt–in to timely updates, and allowing you to effectively re–engage users with customized content.

Benefits of push notifications

But why are push notifications so powerful? Let’s consider some of the benefits…

No cost

Users without unlimited texting plans must pay for incoming texts and are likely to quickly opt out of SMS communications. With push notifications there is no extra charge to your users for for receiving push notifications to their devices.

User control

Users opt in for notifications, and always have the option to opt out. This, together with flexible notification preferences, give users control over where and how they receive notifications.

Reduction of risk

Push notifications are entirely opt–in/opt–out. Therefore, push notifications may help reduce the risks of harassing users and potential litigation.


Push notifications increase app engagement and improve retention rates.

What are push notifications used for?

Push notifications can be used for various purposes including:

Engaging with your clients

An average mobile user uses at least nine apps per day. Most apps are not as frequently opened as maybe a cab–hailing or an OTT app. To ensure that your client does not forget about your app or uninstalls it, you need to keep them engaged. That’s where push notifications become important. With personalized offers, reminders, and relevant notifications, you can capture your client’s attention and keep them engaged with your business.

Leading the client to take action

Push notifications can help you to bridge the gap between online and offline channels and create a seamless omnichannel experience for your clients. Most smartphone users use their mobile device to select services and service providers. You can leverage this opportunity to send personalized push notifications to drive new deals.

Retaining clients

Retaining clients is a bigger challenge than acquiring new ones. Push notifications can fix that problem by helping you retain clients. For example, sending an onboarding push notification to a newly acquired client can lead to a 71% increase in app retention rates.

Provide real–time updates

You can send real–time transaction updates to your client using push notifications.