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It's Uber for professional services

Taking an Uber is super convenient, right? Well, Deal Rooms is like Uber for professional services.

Deal Rooms makes it easier, more useful, and simpler for clients to engage with your professional services. It helps your clients make better use of their time.

Deal Rooms is always available... on phones, tablets and desktops. It's super convenient, just like Uber.

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* Uber is a trademark of Uber Technologies, Inc.

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Self–driving deals

A deal room is a secure, by–invitation–only place that uses AI, chatbots, blockchain and other smart tech to perform lots of admin tasks for you.

All this admin is handled by your Dealbot, which works tirelessly behind the scenes making the magic happen.

Dealbots are clever enough to handle tasks such as document management, smart contracts, contract management, chat, notes, notifications, emailing, calendaring and more.

So you don't have to.

You and your clients get this time back for the more important things in life.

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Latest Features

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to get users to engage and re-engage with your business.

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Serverless architecture

Doccly Deal Rooms uses a serverless architecture. Serverless is a misleading term. It does involve servers, but you don't manage them.

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Your app automatically captures key events and user properties giving unique insights to your business.

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Performance monitoring

We provide a monitoring service to automatically measure and gain insight into your app's performance.

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Internationalization and localization

Your app has built-in support for internationalization and localization, which means it can work in multiple languages.

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Encryption in transit

Your app applies authentication, integrity, and encryption to the data that travels between users, devices, or processes.

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