Progressive web app checklist 5/5

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are reliable, fast, and engaging, although there are many things that can take a PWA from a baseline to exemplary experience.

To help you understand how we create the best possible experiences for your app users we’ve put together this checklist which breaks down all the things it takes to be a Baseline PWA, and how to take that a step further with an Exemplary PWA by providing a more meaningful offline experience, reaching interactive even faster and taking care of many more important details.

Exemplary progressive web app checklist

We perform many of these checks manually, as they are not yet implemented in the compliance tool we use.


1. First load very fast even on 3G

We verify that the time to interactive is less than 5 seconds for the first visit on a simulated 3G network (as opposed to 10 seconds for a baseline PWA).


1. Site uses cache-first networking

We check that the app does not feel faster when offline than on a slow connection.

2. Site appropriately informs the user when they are offline

We test that your app provides an indication to the user that they are offline.

Additional features

1. User is logged in across devices via the Credential Management API

Your app has a sign in flow, so we check that the user is presented with either the account picker flow or is automaticaly signed back in as appropriate.

2. User can pay easily via native UI from the Payment Request API

We verify that the user is able to pay easily via the native UI triggered by the Payment Request API.

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