Progressive web app checklist 1/5

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are reliable, fast, and engaging, although there are many things that can take a PWA from a baseline to exemplary experience.

To help you understand how we create the best possible experiences for your app users we’ve put together this checklist which breaks down all the things it takes to be a Baseline PWA, and how to take that a step further with an Exemplary PWA by providing a more meaningful offline experience, reaching interactive even faster and taking care of many more important details.

Baseline progressive web app checklist

We use a tool called Lighthouse to automatically verify many items on this list, and which proves helpful in easily testing your app’s PWA compliance.

1. Site is served over HTTPS

We verify that your app is served over HTTPS and that a valid security certificate is in place.

2. Pages are responsive on tablets and mobile devices

We check that the design of your app is mobile-friendly through both a responsive design and adaptively serving a viewport-friendly site.

3. All app URLs load while offline

We ensure that your app presents content even when offline through use of service workers.

4. Metadata provided for ‘Add to Home Screen’

We verify that your app’s users can be prompted to add the app to their home screens.

5. First load fast even on 3G

We check that the time to meaningful page content is less than 10 seconds for the first visit on a simulated 3G network.

6. Site works cross-browser

We ensure that your app works on Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari browsers.

7. Page transitions don’t feel like they block on the network

We make sure that all app transitions feel snappy as your users tap around, even on a slow network. Each time the user taps a link or button in your app the page should respond immediately.

8. Each page has a URL

We ensure that individual pages are deep linkable via their URLs and that URLs are unique for the purpose of shareability on social media by testing that individual pages can be opened and directly accessed via new browser windows.

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