Progressive web app checklist 3/5

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are reliable, fast, and engaging, although there are many things that can take a PWA from a baseline to exemplary experience.

To help you understand how we create the best possible experiences for your app users we’ve put together this checklist which breaks down all the things it takes to be a Baseline PWA, and how to take that a step further with an Exemplary PWA by providing a more meaningful offline experience, reaching interactive even faster and taking care of many more important details.

Exemplary progressive web app checklist

We perform many of these checks manually, as they are not yet implemented in the compliance tool we use.

User experience

1. Content doesn’t jump as the page loads

We test multiple pages of your app to ensure that content doesn’t jump when pages are loaded.

2. Pressing back from a detail page retains the scroll position on the previous list page

We check that list view pages are scrolled to the same place the user was at when the detail link or button was tapped.

3. When tapped, inputs aren’t obscured by the on-screen keyboard

We verify that on-screen keyboards do not obscure any text inputs on a page.

4. Content is easily shareable from standalone or full screen mode

Once your app has been added to the home screen we ensure that users are able to share content from within the app’s UI.

5. App is responsive across phone, tablet, and desktop screen sizes

We check that your app works well on small, medium, and large screens.

6. Any app install prompts are not used excessively

Once the app has been loaded, we check that the install interstitial is not shown.

7. The ‘Add to Home Screen’ prompt is intercepted

We check that the device browser doesn’t display the ‘Add to Home Screen’ interstitial when the user is in the middle of an important flow, or when another prompt is being displayed.

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