What deep learning is being used for

The following post discusses the basics of Deep Learning, which like Machine Learning, is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. Although we have made a lot of progress with it, we are still only seeing the tip of the iceberg of what Deep Learning can do.

Deep Learning: The Basics

Whereas Machine Learning uses fundamental ideas of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning uses a portion of Machine Learning tools to solve problems which call for human-like thought.

Analyze lots of data

Deep Learning involves presenting a machine with large amounts of data which can be used to make decisions about other information. Neural networks guide the classification of this data based on true/false questions asked or numerical values extracted.

Although Deep Learning can take a picture and organize it based on what humans would see, this is only the tip of the iceberg of what Deep Learning can do.

Learn from mistakes

Deep Learning can organize pictures, audio, video, text, machine signals, and any other form of data to a seemingly human standard; and it can do this very quickly. As time goes on and more data is analyzed, the probability of a correct decision is increased as if by learning through mistakes. An incorrect decision made previously would teach the computer to consider variables which before had been overlooked.

Put it to use

Deep Learning is currently being used in a variety of important ways. Some of these include self-driving cars, predicting the result of legal proceedings, recommended shows on Netflix, and even playing games. Scientists remain astonished that Deep Learning has brought us advancements which we never thought would be available so soon.