Serverless architecture

Your app uses a serverless architecture. Serverless is a misleading term. It does involve servers, but you don't manage them.

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Your app automatically captures key events and user properties giving unique insights to your business.

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Performance monitoring

We provide a monitoring service to automatically measure and gain insight into your app's performance.

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Internationalization and localization

Your app has built-in support for internationalization and localization, which means it can work in multiple languages.

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Encryption in transit

Your app applies authentication, integrity, and encryption to the data that travels between users, devices, or processes.

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Encryption at rest

All app data is automatically encrypted at rest, and transparently decrypted when read by an authorized user.

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User authentication

Your users will be able to sign in to your app using their email or social accounts.

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Contact management

Contacts are automatically managed as you work. And most importantly, contacts can be 'forgotten' with one tap.

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Document Management

Document management is made very simple and is done while users work. Automatic notifications make is easy for users to track changes.

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