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Serverless architecture

Doccly Deal Rooms uses a serverless architecture. Serverless is a misleading term. It does involve servers, but you don't manage them.


Use analytics to gain insights into your business

The app automatically captures key events and user properties giving unique insights to your business.


Performance monitoring

We provide a monitoring service to automatically measure and gain insight into the app's performance.


Internationalization and localization

The app has built-in support for internationalization and localization, which means it can work in multiple languages.


Encryption in transit

The app applies authentication, integrity, and encryption to the data that travels between users, devices, or processes.


Encryption at rest

All app data is automatically encrypted at rest, and transparently decrypted when read by an authorized user.


How to install the Doccly app

The Doccly site is a progressive web app so it's very easy to install on any desktop, Android and iOS device.

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