We value action over awareness. We focus on what we make, how we make it, and the change we seek to make. We’re also having a lot of fun. 😁

Action over awareness

Building software is not easy and never will be. Unhappiness grows exponentially with the complexity of the code, so we think about optimizing happiness around every turn. There is no universal truth here, but we use tools that make you more productive, leverage APIs that solve your problems quickly, and we write as little code as possible.

What we make

We try not to be limited by any single paradigm or narrow set of ideas. The best-practices of today will be the anti-patterns of tomorrow. You and your users shouldn’t care how we built the product, but rather what it does to make your lives better.

How we make it

We value simplicity over complexity. So much technology is difficult to set up and use. We take all this complexity and make it simple for you to use and enjoy.

The change we seek to make

It is difficult to finish a product, but done is better than perfect. We expect many setbacks during the development process, yet we know that progress is made by consistently improving our work in small steps. We prioritize shipping over procrastinating, because as soon as the code is shipped we get valuable feedback that will drive all future decisions. Above all, we listen to you.

Enjoy the journey

Software is about solving problems for people. We try not to focus on the technical aspects of a project alone. We think about the big picture, the end user, the marketing, and the community. Brute force is almost never a good idea. Instead, we take breaks and enjoy life. When we sit back down, we often find a clear solution to that head-banging problem we had before.